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RELAX HOME CONTRACTING has emerged as one of the well known maintenance service providers in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Our approach to provide the highest quality maintenance services is very simple-and it is all about trust, competence and integrity.

Stringent quality control measures have been implemented at every level at RELAX HOME ensuring that our services and processes are of the highest quality, superior design and optimum output.

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Services are the following

Services We Provide


Repair of problems with aluminum doors or window frames


Repair of routine problems such as Electrical tripping, Non Electricity, Smoke from distribution, Burning of switches & sockets, switches, fans and changing of bulbs and tube lights.


Repairing or replacement of water taps, pipes, shower faucets, garbage disposal function, Under cabinet leakages, Dish wash, hose bibs and pump discharge lines.


Immediate attention on breakdown. Refrigerant level check & Routine Services (Two times yearly)- Filter cleaning, Gas checking , Evaporator and Condenser checking and water service(annually).

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